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Have you been looking for an over the counter alternative to the prescription cure for erectile dysfunction, but without all of the drawbacks of headaches?

Erectile dysfunction is an affliction that can affect all men at some stage of their lives whether they are young or old, it doesn't matter, and there's no shame in it. The key is to combat it, and find a solution. This is where these have got your back.

We offer two types; normal - those are the regular which are 375mg in strength and also the 500mg Extra Strength which is very potent. You will have the choice on the order page on which strength you require.

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Why ED, why me, and why can I not maintain an erection?

There are loads of reasons, either because you're getting older, maybe slightly unfit, a smoker, a heavy drinker or you've suffered a heart attack. All of these contribute to poor blood flow, which of course is how the penis produces and maintains an erection.

Maybe you're nervous about beginning a new relationship? Worried about how you'll perform? Sometimes it is not the physical, it is mental. It doesn't matter, it will do it's job no matter what.


We do not recommend that you take more than one of the capsules in any twenty four hour period. They are that potent.

Results not typical for every user.

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Just a few examples of the feedback we have had regards them over the years:

The next day I was trying to change gear in my car but got the wrong knob

Similar to the big V in terms of how fast they get to work

These are impressive as they work even when you've had too much alcohol

No prescription needed

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